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Three Peoria organizations are finding ways to lead in the fight against food insecurity

(By Jody Holtz of WCBU)

June 22, 2022

As food insecurity continues to affect many families across Peoria, local organizations are trying to do their part by finding innovative solutions to combat this complicated issue.

Peoria Grown has been a leader in this fight ever since its founding in 2018 as part of Senator Weaver’s community leadership initiative. Peoria Grown founder Julie Eliathamby and her team have been working on not only tackling food insecurity, but the related health crisis that has plagued these communities for years.

“For a long time everyone looked at food insecurity as hunger … but the issue has changed … it’s more about getting our families the right type of food because in Peoria, we are not short of food … we are getting food into people's hands, but it's just that we need to give them the right type of food, because right now just giving families any type of food and saying this is good enough, it’s not helping them …we’ve kind of created another issue, which is the health issue,” said Eliathamby.

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