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Our Programs
Nutrition Education Classes
We partner with community organizations to regularly host nutrition education classes for both children and adults. The classes are led by Registered Dietitians to teach healthy cooking techniques and inspire healthy grocery selections. Participants learn how cooking can prevent and control many diseases. After each class, participants go home with recipes and a bag full of fresh groceries to make healthy meals at home. 

We work to introduce new foods to our participants, such as fruits and vegetables from around the world. We believe education is the key to helping individuals be self-sufficient and improve community wellness.

Keep an eye on our schedule for future classes. If you would like to get involved, contact us to host or sponsor a class.
Fruit Stands
We have placed nine handcrafted fruit stands at agencies throughout Peoria in effort to provide easy access to healthy foods for youth participating in programs at local community centers and non-profit agencies. The goal is to provide easy access to fresh fruit for program participants to be able to grab healthy snacks throughout the day at no charge.
Our partner Big Picture connects us with local artists who volunteer their time and considerable talents to create beautiful, eye-catching fruit stands adorned with one-of-a-kind works of art. The stands are loaded with fresh apples, oranges, bananas, and other shelf-stable fruit and replenished weekly. Give today to replenish a fruit stand. 
Fruit stand locations and artists: 
  • Southside Community Center - Ellen Yates, 2020
  • Peoria Friendship House - Keith Wilson, 2020
  • Lincoln Grade School - Peter Arhart, 2020
  • Proctor Recreation Center - Megan Couri, 2020
  • Logan Recreational Center - Jaci Musec, 2020
  • Dream Center - Hattie Lee, 2021
  • Neighborhood House - Krystopher Brown, 2021
  • Glendale Commons - Hannah Offutt, 2021
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